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This game is amazing and I don't think I'll ever stop playing. I'm seeing people in the comments with sub 5 min, while my best time is only 15 minutes, but I'm gonna keep trying to improve my time.

im getting closer to sub 5


softlock found


just jump out??? like to the right

no spring there either


You don't need a spring. Right is the way to go. Left is only optional


You can also escape by walljumping the iceblock above the spikes

and i thought i couldnt do better than 4:35

celeste 2? Please make it real, I rly love the mechanic :O

imagine if they make the real "Celeste 2" with this character and this mechanic

that might happen :)

oh god

To all people who are strugglling. I advice you to play with a Controller.  At least it helped a lot for me.


Why is this not claimable ?

you can download it though

BUt i also want to claim it.


how tf do people speedrun this game

its so difficult and professional 


why is pause bound to a trigger button my muscle memory 


I need assist mode :(

big yes.

Big yesser

big yessest

i think pico8 bindings for controller aren't optimal for this (1 finger for grapple and jump, imprecise stick), so people with controller muscle memory may or may not suffer more

pro tip: this game is much easier to play if you use a controller and rebind the grapple button to one (or both) of the shoulder buttons.  pico-8 standalone doesn't support rebinds, so I had to use antimicro - other keybinding programs should also work fine.

this game is buggy and has crashed

 every time I've tried to play it without fail


how do people even get past level 3.


with pain


So much pain


A lot of pain


and even more pain


not to mention the pain


Practice makes perfect my friend
Try, Try again! You can do it!


sub 4:30

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edit: i figured it out that was complete bullshit

(games great though)


"sub 5 sub 582310  sub susfasfiu2" more like sub in bed stfu bottom

ayo dont dis


git gud



Got sub 4 minutes lets gooooooo


The final strawberry ^^

The final strawberry

I was going to try to finish the game but after seeing this I think not


me too

This took me 40 minutes my first run.

This one part used up about 8 minutes of my 36 minute run.


oh wow, I didn't think to do it that way, I've always been slipping from above



All of these guys doing sub-4 minutes and I can't even do a sub-30 minutes.

well i was stuck in the first underground chamber and found my way using the osu alternate tap technique but now that there are spikes it’s way harder to get around this way XD


Wow , I've to say I played the first celeste classic and finished it 5 times now , nice to see more of this great game , I am a fan of Celeste <3

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Sub 5


What I discovered (hope it helps someone)

wall-kicking gives you a speed boost, probably most useful in tutorial stage (although its too precise for me)

you can YEET snowball by grappling them and then jumping out of the way (makes that one part of glacial caverns like 0.2 seconds faster)

Goodluck speedrunners best I could do is 2:35

this is the best i've done and will ever do

I did my best! Like the game before it's amazing, keep on going


great game. only criticism is that the level design does not teach you that you can pick objects up very well and can leave a lot of people stuck in the first screens of glacial caves. if there was a snowball blocking your path that you had to move i think it would be more intuitive. (also really proud of my 3:40!)

Berries x0

Time 5:18

Deaths x35

feeling great (also a bit dead)


crazy to think this was made in 3 days :)


We all know what is coming

(1 edit)

What IDK how but i was able to enter the middle tunnel to do grapple skip in the new version i wasn't maintening right i just tap it at the good time and i was in so because the jump is still possible i think grapple skip is probably still possible if second screen give still give you the grapple anyway i wasn't expeting it so i fall but ...

EDIT: Yeah it's still possible it's just that accelerating from complete stop seem to take longer so just enter the tunnel at the right time xD personally im not consistent enough at it and at the game so i will not use it for now but ...

If you fast fall (holding down and right) you should get into the tunnel every time ^^ (there is a lot of talk on the Celeste Classic discord server btw)

Haha tanks it's way easier like this ^^


Wait what, is this the sign of celeste 2!


first time playing:

10 strawberry, 34min16, 280 death :)


how the flip do you get past glacial caves

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Argh. So close to sub 6.00


Damn, this update though. Changed a little mechanic I used before.

Is there a page for update logs and what not?


Hours of grinding finally paid off. I doubt I can get another deathless run any time soon, let alone a time like this.

New, interesting gameplay mechanic. Wish I could rebind keys, but I probably couldn't beat this anyways. Still working on Farewell.

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