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Celeste platforming but with tools? Now this is hype ๐Ÿ‘€


this really isnt a comment regarding the game, but, you got noels twitter wrong, he goes by @NoelFB, great game though


lol i got my own handle wrong thanks


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Think that's all the strawberries

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Awesome level design!! Nice mechanics, I only think that the hook + jump its a bit clunky to get at first, but when you master it it's very satisfying!

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I've found 16 Strawberries, did anyone else find more?


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Anyone know how many strawberries there are?

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I only managed to find 12


I found 16

Extremly cool game!


Very solid.  It's challenging but fair.  If this is the direction we can expect the official release of Celeste 2 to take, I'm all in.

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Absolutely loved learning the grapple mechanic, incredible game!

This looks and plays amazing. Lena's soundtracks are perfect as usual.

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love it. 7 strawberries, 25:42 time, 209 deaths, really fun. grappling's always fun.


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absolutely devilish, loved it.


will there be a full version? :)



This is such a wonderful surprise. <3 Thank you!

jumping while tapping forward makes you move more to the side than sometimes intended - which i found a bit frustrating. besides that, p great.


Man this game doesn't F around!  As soon as you have the grapple ability, the levels are instantly hard XD

Some feedback: I got quite a long way without learning you could jump just after grappling. I kind of cheaped my way out of the pit after getting the grapple. It didn't feel right but I didn't know what else to do.

The way I actually found out was when I got sick of using the keyboard and re-loaded the browser so it would detect my gamepad, and then accidentally triggered it; at first I thought he/she was climbing up off the corner of a ledge.  After a few times I worked out what was going on.

Maybe it needs a screen right at the start where there's no walls or anything to jump off, just a platform that's too far to make in a jump, but you need to grapple off the side of it, then jump.


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crazy good for a 3 day game. You guys are incredible <3


i love you devs

nice game.


Everything about this is immaculate


That was super! This was such a delightful surprise, thank you!


Wow what a fantastic surprise!  Looking forward to dyin'-by-the-dozens in this one too! :D  Awesome new fun for the anniversary!


Y O O 


YOOOOOOO so hyped to play!

fantastic, thank you!


They finally released EXOK-3!

Now when's the FNA version coming? I want the Steam release!

Really, though. I would absolutely love to play a full release of Celeste 2! Maybe this decade?


finally the celeste trilogy is complete


This is so cool, thank to everyone involved!

Happy 3rd anniversary! <3

celeste 2 :DDDDDD


"no, it's not celeste 2"


lena's compositions are a blessing from god


I'm so hyped





It's real and it's here.

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