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when i went into the open but from wher i fell i couldn't get up

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This was my first run I wasnt trying to get strawberries tho

And this was my second run

aw damn my third run was worse

this was my fourth run :) 

lesgoo new pb

holy- 2.20

literally shakin rn

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GG, excellent successor to the original 

Here's a screenshot from 4/14/2023 of me beating the game


this took way too long


I know you're told to be proud of your death count, but this...

You gotta learn from them!

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Indeed, I have learned, the hard way

Edit: tbh my ring finger hurt so much bcos most of the time i was just holding right 4 dear life

By the time i was done the labels on the arrow keys were faded slightly cos I was sweating so much fr stress

Thank you noel and maddy for this hell of a rage game :smilingfrog:

The first time I played Celeste with Switch's tiny joy-cons, by the time I got to the mountain I was sweating so much that I had to stick a piece of sandpaper to the analog stick!

sub 4

i got sub 4  :D


I think this is a hint of a new game they are making. maybe Celeste 2 or smth?

It quite literally tells you what it is if you'd bother to read the description...

it will be a gba version?

i am quite fast

ayeeee pb

8 berries, 31:20, 268 deaths.
In Celeste I've beaten all C-sides and Farewell, I got all red berries, 5 golden and the moon berry.

This game was still difficult for me.

Strawberries: 10

Time: 33:45

Deaths: 279

Pretty good first run if I do say so myself



Here it is:

Nice! May I ask what you use to TAS? I think I have a route I want to try and TAS myself now

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Strawberries: 4
Time: 49:28
Deaths: 562(!)

Playing this game was the most fun i had playing a video game since i played hollow knight multiplayer with my cousin three months ago

if Celeste is like this game then im totally buying it now.

Also theres no way THIS was created in only three days it's just impossible, three days is the time it took me to make a dice for my game lol.

(ps: I HAVE to make a TAS (tool assisted speedrun look it up) for this game)
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Well, in Celeste you don't have the grappling gun, but an 8-directional dash instead, but if you enjoyed this game, you'll probably enjoy Celeste too.

Edit: if you search "celeste classic" on, you'll find a game called "CELESTE Classic" by Maddy Makes Games. It's a free old pico-8 version of "Celeste" where you can get a feel for what the game is like. Obviously, "Celeste" is a lot more polished.

what is the name of the character ?



how people can beat level 2 is beyond me. theres no clear way to go, all of the higher up walls are too high to grapple onto and IF your meant to wall jump on that tiny wall at the spikes of room 2 of level 2 then thats just ANNOYING


heres a video of the last room and what you need to do:tutorial

bro didn't understand the question lol

no you're supposed to grab the snowball from the last room with the grappler and jump on it to get across


as i said! no clear way.

my hands hurt


new PB

newer pb

sub 5 min

nearly sub 3

why can't I use my dpad :(

I had the same problem, I thought it was my controller but guess not  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I actually figured it out, you have to install the app and it should fix it.
(I think at least, it's been 5 months :haha:)

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15 berries in 2 hours. 1500 deaths. Is that all the berries?

Second attempt. Definitely better.


13 / 38:16 / 433 Great game

what programming language does this game use? can someone tell me?


Made using Pico-8, which uses a type of LUA as far as i know.

Thank you very much!!

22:59, this may have been more brutal than the full original game

very fun game, in my first completed run I got 28 minutes, and found some fun optimizations while trying to get the berries I could (10)

shaved off 4 minutes and 200 deaths in exchange for 1 less berry, a fair trade? No

sad amount of berrys, but low deaths and speedy timeand then there is this better one, 9 more berries and only 1 minute lostnoice

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not bad for my first attempt lol

i wasnt expecting the new grapple mechanics lmao, awesome game 👍

Wow this was incredible! Got me excited for Earthblade!


Personal Best ;)

I was not expecting this game to exist

attempt 4

6th run. why are all my odd numbered runs crappy and all my even runs new records?


8th run. how is this pattern still happening?

I just googled Celeste Logo for Reference and saw CELESTE 2?????

Overall had a ton of fun with this! Its a wonderful simple little game with such a cool mechanic! Had a good score in my first playthrough as well, I think wearing Celeste Skirt helped!

I had loads of fun with this and the soundtrack was so good!

my fingers are now broken

Me gustaría una versión para pico8 para jugar en ambernic rg350, gracias 


Are you gonna make "Celeste 2" since this is a classic?

I on't know how to play it, be nice .

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