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Me gustaría una versión para pico8 para jugar en ambernic rg350, gracias 

Are you gonna make "Celeste 2" since this is a classic?

I on't know how to play it, be nice .

Personal Best :)

Lani is dead. My game computer crashed Lani's Trek.

rip lani


Did not expect a grappling hook! Very fun and interesting mechanic. Good game.


good game

how do i go back for missed secret? and fun thing is. i did edge rush on the grab snowball level(and idk i need grab when im doing it)

btw moneyseize 2 pls

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Got some real kaizo mario vibes from that!
Heck yeah!


The grapple mechanic is incredibly fun! I couldn't stop playing until I beat it three times, with a total of 100 deaths on my final run...

Tracking down those strawberries was also a blast!


this game is so fun! hope to see it fleshed out into a commercial game (: I think i missed one strawberry, lucky me with 77 deaths xD

celeste has a commercial game alredy that is 20$ (i think) and u can play the original celeste in it, but sadly i think there is no celeste 2 there and the grappling hook isnt a mechanic, but there are a lot of ideas in this celeste that got into the commercial game, like that u have to land to get a strawberry


I really hope this gets added to the actual celeste because I really like the original pico 8 celeste when I found it in-game I was so shocked its really good also imagine a celeste Mario maker but its the pico-8 version only


this was really good, I loved celeste and play it religiously. this was very fun with cool mechanics to learn and it makes me wonder how the the story would play out if this got a full release

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I'm genuinely surprised that this game didn't get as much attention as the first Celeste game, not just because of the fact that this has the "Celeste" name attached to it but because it was an extremely amazing platformer.

Starting off, I was originally under the impression that this game was going to have you play through parts of the Celeste game (non-pico version) as it starts you off with the tutorial level. It immediately takes a change as the bridge from Celeste breaks, and Lani ends up falling down the mountain. While you can't dash in this game, you gain access to a grappling hook that will be the main source of movement; at first, the grappling hook feels like it delivers very little in momentum other than sideways, but it very quickly becomes apparent that combining the hook with jumps allows the player to string movement combos that feel rewarding to do. Just like in the first Celeste game, each screen has been tailored to teaching the player how to string movement together, and it all comes together on the last couple of screens where, aside from knowledge, the platforming because faster paced and reactionary.

After having run through this game twice (OBS crashed my first run-through), I couldn't find any glitches, bugs, or any sore points in the game. While it did feel short (it's a pico game, wasn't expecting it to be too long), the difficulty felt balanced and progressive in a way that didn't ever feel like it was too difficult.

All in all, Celeste 2 needs a full release. Celeste is my all-time favorite platformer and knowing that there is a possibility that this game can have a continuation with newer game mechanics is the most exciting news I've had in a while (Yes, this pico game came out a year ago, but there's still a chance)

My playthrough:


New Pb  lol.   102th on any %! almost top 100 :)

This game is fun!!! All Berry pb :/

All but one

Got it


First playthrough

My attempt at a speedrun

My attempt at a 100% run

very fun and dificult

how do you get past the glacial caves

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i didnt finish it, but im stuck on this part:

ive given up, but im gonna go back to the first one i think... or look at other similar games....

i had to edit my comment cause i pasted the image, but it didnt send it with it....

i am stuck too and the controls are a little annoying

go through that gap at the top left, and then there will be another gap above you to the right


Why can't I jump with up arrow?


You Jump With Z and use the grappling hook with X

Very fun, difficult and varied in their levels, they saw phases that I did not understand how to overcome but after finally completing them blew my head (results of my first game), my congratulations to the creators. :D

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I want to play it with 3DS or GBA

Use fake-8 to play it on a 3DS. It is somewhat laggy on the Old 3DS, though

fun but hard that final wall of spikes had me stuck for a good 40 minutes.

I just found out about this today and had to try it. An hour and 2 sore hands later, I beat it!


coming close to sub-2 minutes

how  do i download it because celeste2.exe isn't showing up on the files

( ̄﹃ ̄)

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decided to speedrun something for the first time, this is my PB from running a few times in class over the last few days 

first time betting it

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i uh... i crashed it. DON'T grapple onto the bottom corner of a wall. and when i say that, i mean the EXACT corner, not the tile.


this is way too hard for my casual ass.

My -all strawberry- run PB


your good

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