A PICO-8 platformer about hiking around a mountain, made in three days for Celeste's third anniversary.

Use the arrow keys, X, and C

Made by Maddy Thorson, Noel Berry, and Lena Raine. Testing by Kevin Regamey.

Soundtrack: Bandcamp
Source Code: Github


celeste2_windows.zip 1 MB
celeste2_linux.zip 667 kB
celeste2_osx.zip 3 MB
celeste2_raspi.zip 1 MB


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Maybe I'm just stupid, but could you add a way to remap controls? Controlling movement with my right hand and actions with my left is really uncomfortable

muito bom!


I should be working you know xD... such an amazing game! 

This took way too long.

Could have shaved 10 seconds off if I had a perfect pre-golden valley run (1:18 reaching lvl3) but i'll take it


THE POTENTIAL!!! I just played through the whole thing and I am BEGGING you to please make this into a full fledged sequel!!!


please make a celeste 2 please please


oh my god, that's one of the best games that i played after a long time, very good game!


I know that the very beginning (trailhead) is really easy but i can't seem to pull it off



Someone make a permadeath run on celeste

-You die, you restart the entire thing.



just start a WR run

Do it then


I thought you said it was easy.

it was just easy to explain


You can climb back out of the summit the UI dont got a hitbox


I don't know if this is already common knowledge, since I suck at this game and haven't even finished it yet, but the place where you have to use a snowball for the first time (the two rooms with spikes) you don't actually have to use the snowball, you can edgeboost in the first room (by grappling the edge on the far right) and then jump over the spikes in the second room with the momentum you still have from the first room.

I figured this out, since I didn't know that you could jump on snowballs the first time I went through that room and just tried to get past it in some other way.

Good luck speedrunning :)

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I finally finished my first run, technically you also have to add another 15 minutes, since the game crashed for me the first time after 15 minutes. Where the hell are the last two strawberries?

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I looked it up, I'm missing berry 5 and 7 :/


already common knowledge


This proves that it just requires practice, my first run was 45 minutes and now...


I just managed to beat the game with all stawberries on android! There were really hard parts with those shitty controls


I hope the devs decide to turn this into a full game.



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Here's my fastest run so far.


just got 30 seconds faster, holy crap

lets goooooo 3:09



Yeet! New PB! 


I'll kill you. I broke everything.

Though I never played celeste, this is really good! Difficulty is good too lol


do you have steam, if so what's you name? i have something for you :3

my steam username is “spotit12345”. Can’t wait :)


wait ppl really be givin out celeste asokdjklasdjklajd

ahaha what

Post your worst first tries here

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This difficulty spike is just brutal, tho...

I am still trying to beat it right now, but looking back, that was one of the easier levels

Ya! This part has me stumped. :)

AAAAAA! New PB! Would've been faster, but I choked it on the ending wall. 6 deaths there, stupidly.

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So COOL! YET SO HARD! https://prnt.sc/ypozgp

everything celestclassic was! BUT MORE!

I do it in between work. The most fun.


Did anybody else manage to find this??? It's not too relevant to the gameplay but I put almost 10 hours into this game before noticing it for the first time.

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wait, where's that? I didn't see it

at the very beginning of the game. just go left.

oh nice

noticed that a minute into playing lol

Thats in Celeste as well (the proper game)


In case anyone feels bad about their time after seeing the amazing times everyone else got, here's mine to prove that it's ok to not be the best.

Honestly, valid. I may have a fast PB now, but my first run I got a 1:22:06, 508 deaths, and on top of that I only got 14 strawberries out of the 16. I had to give up on the last two.

I've been trying to get sub 3:00 but I always choke on the last jump. this is my current PB.

Brand new PB, at around 12:22 PM EST, 2/5/21. God I wish I could set up Screen capture with my cruddy laptop.

yaay third entry in my favorite indie series! Hope this also gets a full game like the og celeste di

I got the last berry at 5:15 about, then kept struggling on the ending wall. My 16 berry PB is 5:30, 29 deaths, but I never screenshot it... like a dumb chump.


i dont like ur game. it is too hard :( pls add a /gamemode creative command. i want to beat the game yay. jk jk it is an amazing game cant believe u made it in 3 days

You almost had me there

hehe XD

my best time so far

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Heyy its pretty good xD

Well ... It's not the best time, but it's a lot better than my first run, I think.

Did not get all berries this time around, though. Forgot a couple.

Currently impossible to use gamepad because it's assigned to P2 for some reason and cannot be manually reassigned to P1. It looks like the reason is, I have a Space Navigator 3D mouse plugged in which is being read as a gamepad and there is no way to tell the game not to use it as P1 without disabling or unplugging it and restarting the game.


Looking forward to checking this out after I finally beat Farewell - working on that atm. Would be awesome to see this ported into the actual game menu like Celeste Classic 1 was.


This game is pretty good, like celeste, it is hard but with a nice control and mechanical  i love it <3


new celeste yeey

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